And, I want to show you how! I’m on a mission to bring self-healing to the world while removing the financial barriers that stand in the way.

Full Body Stress Reset
In Only 15 Minutes


About Bre

It was in November of 2022 that I started consistently doing the fascial maneuvers. There wasn’t a big event or dramatic injury that happened, it just felt like something that I needed to do for me and my body. I had dabbled in fascial maneuvers before this even getting some hands on body work done by the Human Garage team. Every time I did get body work done from them or did fascial maneuvers myself, my body felt so much better, but as much as it felt good at the time I honestly wasn’t ready to focus on my body’s need for healing. (I know it’s ridiculous, right?)

In November I made a commitment to myself to follow Human Garage’s 7 day reset. I ended up doing the 1 and 3 day reset first, but the goal was to do the 7 day. I remember feeling lighter in the body right away, as if there was more room to breathe. There were little adjustments here and there, gradually feeling not only physically better but also mentally. By the time I finished the 7 day I knew I was going to continue with the 28 day reset and truly change my way of living life.

The 28 day reset made me take a step back and really look at how I am perceiving this journey of life that I am on. What do I like about life? What do I want to do differently in my life? How do I reduce stress while in the middle of a public area? How do I become in tune with my own body? I learned in these 28 days not only about fascia but learning how everything affects the body whether it is perceived to be good or bad, doesn’t matter. Everything affects the body in one way or another and it is the tools from the 28 days that showed me how to be able to recognize the signs of stress in the body, identify why there was stress and how to reduce it.

Since completing the 28 days I have noticed a huge difference in myself. I not only feel great in my body, I look brighter and younger (as my husband keeps telling me) and I have learned to have more confidence in myself. I have seen such an incredible difference from the beginning of this journey to now, that I want to share and help others find the same joy of living in one’s vessel and living their best life.